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"With immensely skilled artistry, Seki's colorful  hand-painted images are unique, stunning, and incomparable."
-P. Destini  Santa Monica, CA  

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"Sunny is the reason I came to this book fair. I enjoy hearing his explanations, and I learn a lot about Japanese history through his books."   -M. Kashi 

We are proud supporters of the 
One World Literacy Foundation.
Watch this reading of The Last Kappa of Old Japan, 
sponsored by kidsREAD in Singapore! 
Valley Dance Ensemble in Logan, Utah choreographed and performed Sunny's story in the classic Ellen Eccles Theater. The performance was 45 minutes, but here you can savor a brief digest. The sections are not in the order of appearance, but they very effectively and beautifully depict scenes from Sunny's story. Enjoy!
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Sunny's Yuko-chan and the Daruma Doll has been listed in the "For Kids" section as one of the 50 Best Books on Special Education!  Click on the image to read more!
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Sunny's Next Appearance
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Our Springtime presentations have been postponed because of COVID-19, so please watch our Events page for upcoming scheduled events.  In the meantime, please print and enjoy these special activities prepared just for you!
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Free Activity to Do at Home #4
The Kappa, one of many famous yokai monsters, is a Japanese mythological god of water. He loves cucumbers, but he needs to be near water.  Some mean people are trying to capture our friendly kappa, so he runs to a well for safety.
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Join him at AsiaStore Storytime for and introduction and reading of
Yuko-chan and the Daruma Doll