We offer many options to customize your presentation!
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Interactive readings with PowerPoint 
Members of the audience dress in our kimonos and pantomime as we read.
Shadow Puppetry 
If you can darken your room, we can set up our puppet stage and present Sunny's own Japanese folk tales.  If time allows, we can work with your group to create and perform their own simple shadow puppets. This presentation is most effective with groups of 5-50 children.
Traditional Japanese Toys 
Your audience will experience ancient toys that did not require batteries or electricity to fascinate children for hours.
Drawing/Manga demonstrations and Question/answer Sessions
Write your name in Japanese ... or have Sunny create a name poster for you!
Daruma dolls, coloring, origami, & more

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"This was a wonderful presentation! Mr. Seki, Mrs. Seki, and Mario did a fantastic presentation/performance @ Kodomo No Gakko! Thank you!!! Can't wait to find out the ending to the story :)" - D.Y. (Torrance)

"Thank you for such an outstanding memorable presentation at Suzume. This was such an enlightening, fun experience for everyone! We will enjoy your stories for years to come." - M.K. (San Jose)

"Your participation in the Arizona Matsuri made this one the best ever. Arigato Gozaimasu." - D.A. (Phoenix)

"As always, your Children's Folktale performance contributed to making this year's Festival a Success!"  - A.F. (Monterey Park)
Special Presentations and Book Signing Events
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Book signings
Library presentations
School author visits
Academic lectures
Lecture Topics
History of Japanese folklore
Senryu poetry
History of Japanese gardeners
The journey to becoming a                published author/illustrator 
Shinkansen: The Bullet Train
Manga Connection to Old Japan
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Torrance Cherry Blossom Festival
L.A. Times Festival of Books - USC
Bunka-sai -Torrance 11:00-5:00
Pasadena Linda Vista Library 3:00
Rosemead Library (Virtual) 4:00
Fontana Arts Festival  5:00-10:00
Duarte Library 3:00
Lakewood Iacoboni Library  3:00
La Verne Library 4:00
Claremont Library 2:00
Compton Library 2:00
City Terrace Library 4:00
El Camino Real Library 2:00
Montebello Library  3:00
San Dimas Library 3:00
Lynwood Library 3:00
San Gabriel Library 2:00
​Nisei Week Plaza Festival  11:00-4:00
Power Morphicon - Pasadena
L.A. Dept. of Mental Health Festival - ELAC
Orange County Fair/Event Center
Arizona Matsuri

We are so happy to be back and to see all of you again!